About Us

At SAT, our commitment to safety and service runs deep. Gary W. Crook started SAT in 2011 because he wanted to change the culture in the oilfield. Gary has spent his entire career on the service side of the oil business, and he decided to combine advanced technology with highly motivated and professional employees to offer unparalleled service for our customers.


SAT is the exclusive South Texas distributor of the Shepherd System, which is Gary’s patented remote gas detection technology that provides real-time access to sensors that detect Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and other hazardous gases. Click here to learn more about the Shepherd System.


Gary W Crook
Gary has over 45 years in the Oil and Gas business.

Matthew Crook
Matthew has over 40 years in the Oil and Gas business from Drilling to completion and Productions services.

Joel Perez
Joel has been with SAT since 2012 after leaving the Army.

Horace Baumgardner
Horace has been with SAT since 2012. After graduating high school, he joined the Marines after the Marine Corp he enlisted in the Army as a combat Medic and has served overseas. He is still a combat medic today in the Reserves.

SAT is proud to hire military veterans because we believe they share core values that are crucial to success in the oil field. In particular, we value loyalty, respect, attention to detail, integrity and, perhaps most important, getting the job done, no matter the challenge.

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